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Jesus performed miracles in similar although often better manner to the miracles from older stories in Hebrew scripture, such as those performed by Elijah and Elisha. What is important, is to understand that it was not, at that time, unusual for the performance of miracles to be included in such stories.

God's Story: Peter Walks on Water

A Messiah, a miracle worker, Jesus was not. But he was, most certainly, a powerful figure who brought great hope to many and inspired some incredible stories, through the telling and re-telling of which, mythology and legend was created that ensured the survival of his legacy for two-thousand years so far.

Toggle navigation. Want more from the Friendly Atheist? September 18, Was Jesus really who he said he was? Were his miracles real?

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Including Walking on Water and other stories

Walking on Water and Other Stories Paperback. New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. About this Item Language: English. Brand new Book. Walking on Water gathers together an engaging and compellingcollection of short stories by 24 of the many talented writers to havegraduated from The University of Alabama's Program in Creative Writingover the past 20 years.

8 Lessons from Peter’s Walk on Water | Pastor Mark Driscoll

Editor Allen Wier, who taught fiction writingat Alabama from to , offers us in this celebration of writinga variety of fictional voices that represent widely differingsensibilities and visions. It was like finding a suitcase of footage on the street. Courtesy of TIFF. Ch: You will see that I am not very technologically inclined. Of course, anyone can film, but the important part of all the films, especially this film, is that we were very conscious of filming a distinct period and the hard work. We never do the same things again.

There will be no more Floating Piers, no more Valley Curtain.

Walking on Water and Other Stories

We do not know ourselves how the things will look. But we do know something: we know how to do it. All that work is so private and invisible for many people. It is the reason I do not do commissions. All our projects over fifty years translate this energy when they are realized, not because some mayor of the city or corporate executive gives us some money to make a sculpture. AP: But with the digital age, what has changed, especially since the previous films were made, is that the films were made in order to experience the project. The Floating Piers destroyed Instagram there were so many images.

POV : How difficult is that when the project is about the creation of a thing? AP: One of the things we were trying to do in the editing of the film was to cut out shots where you see the project. We wanted to show it only in the end. In the film, you really only see the project through Christo, not in solo shots of it. POV : Were you intimidated by the prospect of tackling a subject like Christo whose work was captured in some documentaries that are now considered classics?

AP: Of course. Now it has a different approach. It was interesting to do a film in America and go through my influences.

What will this footage be like? They have a similar heart. POV : And Christo, do you ever revisit the footage of the project and change your approach? Ch: No, I never look at the footage. They were editing in the same building where I was living and I never looked at it.