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  1. Theories of programming languages
  2. Theories of Programming Languages
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Programming Theory. Some readers of the webpage initially thought that the content is about NUSA programming-language. NUSA is the initial programming-language used. How that programming theory is used?


I use it to teach whatever programming-language. The terms and definitions in my invented programming theory can be used to explain any programming-language virtually without adding any term. In fact, no extra basic terms.

Theories of programming languages

Few extra derived terms are needed, if any, and that is very rarely. Programming Theory: What is it, and do you really need to know it and when? AamirGit March 10, , am 1. Thank you for your responses. AamirGit March 10, , am 3.

Theories of Programming Languages

When you should you use one vs the other? These sorts of questions can be asked of almost any topic in programming. Aloap March 10, , am 5. In practice maybe, one is good as another else.

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In theory, not at all. Bernaridho July 1, , am 7.

CS Formal Semantics

These are three properties of desired programming theory Well-defined Terms and Definitions like the ones in Physics. And how soon do you need to start learning it? Also would this be a thing only taught to CS students?

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Programming theory could be described as the patterns and practices inherent to practically all programming languages. This can range from basic data types like int, boolean, string etc. There are two main types of programming: functional and object oriented.

Many programming languages like javascript support both approaches but there definitely exist preferences, pros and cons. It is true, however, that many of these concepts cross-over among practically all programming languages and as a foundation, it is important to grok. Thanks for the reply. I think I will focus on learning the basics before worrying about the theory. To understand the difference between practice and theory, think about this: knowing how to program something is to be able to write a code that does what you expect.

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Well, you could have a million different ways to write such a code. Every algorithm has an own time of execution, an own allocated memory and so on… to be able to tell which one is good for your purpose is part of the theory. But theory helps you in understanding and planning what technologies and king of code could best fit your purpose. But knowing what types of monsters there are and what works best on them certainly increases your chances of defeating a monster. Same goes for software engineers.

Ability to categorize a problem you want to solve and knowledge what patterns work best for a given problem category are quite useful. A programming theory is a theory that should be as good as physics. These are three properties of desired programming theory.