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by Houston, Jean
  1. Hero's Journey Definition and Step-by-Step Guide (With Checklist!)
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the ODYSSEY* (*But Were Always Afraid to Ask)
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Houston founded The Foundation for Mind Research. This school is in its 24th year and takes place on both the East and West Coasts. See details.

Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information All great stories can change our lives, and practically none is more transformational than Homer's The Odyssey, which had a power so great that it launched Greek civilization and has influenced the West ever since. In this fresh approach to self-realization, human potentials leader Jean Houston provides empowering experiential exercises at every key stage of Homer's epic to make The Odyssey our own journey.

As we set sail with Odysseus, together we endure loss and suffering, the search for the divine Beloved, and the joy of finally arriving home. By raising our own tragic dimension to a mythic level, we awaken to a larger, nobler life. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Without myths, a society becomes sterile and is bereft of meaning and soul. I recommend her highly to those who want to restore the magical and the miraculous in their lives. If you string the bow for me I will reward you with gold. If not, I shall beat you within an inch of your useless old life. At this, Odysseus picked up the bow and tried it for weight, balancing it in his hand.

The suitors mocked him for this display. Then he placed the bow upright on the ground. He leaned into it, and hooked the string over the end with ease. At first the suitors were astounded, and then they realised that the beggar was the king whose palace and hospitality they had been abusing, and whose wife they had been wooing. The realisation came too late to save their skins, for Odysseus was soon letting arrows fly from the bow, picking them off one by one.

One of the suitors who was better mannered than the others tried to bargain with the king. He swore that if he would spare their lives they would pay him back three times over for what they had taken. Odysseus replied that if they wanted to save their lives they had better fight. Several men charged at him with their swords, but Odysseus was swift at letting the arrows fly.

And so Odysseus and his son, Telemachus, dealt with all the suitors. At the end of the battle not one was left alive. Now Odysseus told his son to fetch Penelope, but when Penelope saw her husband she could not be sure after so many years that it was really him. Penelope still was not sure whether or not to believe her own eyes so she decided to test him. She called the old nurse and told her to move the bed out of their room and prepare it for the stranger in the next room along the corridor. Then Penelope knew that the man before her truly was her husband, Lord Odysseus, for whom she had waited twenty long years.

She threw her arms around him and wept for joy. It is also the end of the tales from the Trojan war as told by the Greek bard, Homer, who wrote two epic poems called the Iliad and the Odyssey. Although our hero was overjoyed to be home, that was not the end of his travels - for Odysseus always longed to go and see new places, and after some time he again set out. The English Poet Lord Alfred Tennyson in a poem called Ulysses — another name for Odysseus wrote a few lines about his unquenchable urge to sail the seas:.

For my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the western stars, until I die. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles, And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is the most profound story of coming back home, a place we all must find, and whose foundation served James Joyce to write the 20th c Ulysses, the best book of the century. Pure Poetry. Thanks Natasha and Bertie!

You guys are awsome. You finally did it. I am sooooo happy. This story is great and I am surely ging to put on my ipod. Oh and 1 more thing. Natasha — May 3, Great work. Well, you see Bertie, my Mother said that I had to skip school for the last few days because I had to go visit some family in Pakistan. And now I am in Pakistan. I was thinking that people need to know about beggars, but nobody seems to care. That is why I was thinking that you should do a story on beggars. Or make a story about one specific beggar and try to view in on her life.

And I really think you should do this because, well this is my country and a lot of people get wrong ideas about it. But it is not our fault. Please Bertie. Nice to hear from you in Pakistan. Certainly that is a good idea — of course the homecoming is partly about respect for a beggar.

We want a few more stories about girls, so perhaps a girl beggar could be a character for a more realistic and gritty drama. Bertie — June 2, Wishing you a speedy recovery! This was toattly awsome but there was a couple of hards words involve. It was fandabidastic!!!!!!!! Twenty years of hopeful waiting…the ancient Greeks are impressive. Their passion is strong.

Their quest for adventures is unquenchible. Ancient Greeks are titans.

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I really liked the story. Thanks a lot. Charm — December 12, I thought this was an okay story. But it could be better if the lady, Natasha, could read faster. I think the climax is when the king first gets to the palace and is pretending to be an old begger. I think the conflict is when Odysseus comes back and see that his kingdom has other people ruling and when those people are forecing the women Penelope to marry one and Odysseus has to win the her challenge to get her. The conflict about these story would be man vs.

Bertie — March 25, It shows how it really is him because no was as strong as him. Hi Olivia! I agree with you on the statement that you wrote that said that the story was long. I like the different people in the story. Also, I like how it is very dramatic. Thanks for reading! I really liked this story. I liked how in the story Odysseus used the bow and arrow to fight off the suiters.

A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

So far that is my favorite story. The way Odysseus handled the conflict was interesting and different than what i would have figured. This is a loooonng story! But they should get someone that is a little less sophisticated to narrate it,. I thought that the main conflict was person vs. Also Queen Penelope.

I think the conflict is Man vs. I think that because the story is mainly about Odysseus fighting against other men. The names are long. I think the conflict is not knowing who Odysseus is;it shows the way he is treated as a begger and being royal. Again, this was really good! I say the conflict is Person Vs.

Society because he had to deal with many people getting them to believe him!


Hero's Journey Definition and Step-by-Step Guide (With Checklist!)

In this story there are two conflicts. The first conflict is person vs. When Odysseus returned he had to dress as a beggar to enter the castle. The author described how he was looked down upon by everyone. The second conflict was person vs. Odysseus planned a competition with other suitors to see who could shoot a bow that only he could string. After winning, he fought all of the other suitors for taking advantage of him.

This story was great. I liked all the fighting and how he had to fight his way backed up to get to king. The conflict is man vs. He was on his way to his beautiful Queen. He fell into a deep sleep half dead. Man because of when Odysseus challenge the other men with his bow and arrow skills. After he proved himself,he killed all of the people that had mistreated him. I think its man vs society because the odysseus sneaks into the castle and acts like a begger. Im pretty sure the conflict was man vs. Great story!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the ODYSSEY* (*But Were Always Afraid to Ask)

I think the conflict is man vs man because he battled his son and the swindlers! And then around this theme there are themes of family and loyalty. The dog Argos gives Odysseus a more loyal welcome home than many of the others on the island. Penelope of course is an example of total loyalty. Bertie — April 2, I think the conflict in this story is definetely man vs.

Bertie — June 11, I had to read the Odyssey for English this year, this sums up the return home quite nicely, although youforgot about him visiting his father. Bertie — November 2, I think the conflict in this story is Man vs. Man because Odysseus has to trick and fight many men. I believe the conflict is both man vs.

Society and man vs. Man because Odyssius and his kid go and fight everyone. He is also fighting the society because of what he heard about his wife. I think the conflict is good vs evil, because he good fights the men who have taken over his palace evil. After some planning Odyseus and Telemachus told the suitors penelope was planning an archery contest.

After everyone tried odyseus shot arrows with the bow and arrows at all the suitors. I think it was man vs. Also he had to keep himself wise and patient to not get into any conflict that he be would making by ignoring the poor peple who thought he was a pig herder and bullied him. Also he had to think if he actually wanted to kill the men who wanted to marry his wife Penelope even when one of them tried to bargain and show mercy with him too. I think my deccision is right.

Brielle a. The kinng came home and he was killed by the Queen. Odysseus was out in the sea and the the thing he was on was going down all his man was died but he was gone by the sea on the land. The conflict in this story is man vs. Man vs. Man was when Odysseus challenged others! This story was very long and boring in my opinion!

I believe that the main conflict is man vs. The king came home for the the war to his Queen and Odysseus did no what the people would say so he did not what to go be a lot of people. But one wonem was look at his foot and she no that it was the Queen. She want to tall the Queen. But he say no you can tall no one. He has to fight those men with the swords. The contest that he set up, too. Well it would have to be man v. The conflict of the story is man vs.

Odysseus and his wife fight because she is trying to get a new husband. I think that this story has a conflict of man vs. S the first is catherines and the second is taylors because she made it sound difficult and stuff!!! I think a conflict in this story is man vs man because Odysseus has to trick and fight many men and his son.

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Michelle M. I think the conflict is man vs. I think this because the suiteors tried to take over the kingdom because they thought that King Odysseus was dead. This story was great it was cool that he disguised him self as a begger so he can see how people were abusing his kingdom. This is man VS man because he had to fight all the men at the end. Society because he has to face more than just 1 man.

He has to face all the people who call his a begger but try to hold his temper in. Man cultral heroes. The The Conflict in this story is Man vs Man. It is Man vs Man because Odysseus is fighting against everyone in the city because the people in the city think that he is just a begger. I think that the main conflict of this story is man vs. Some products that are not eligible for free shipping will not have labeling and are excluded or might be considered ineligible for free shipping at our discretion.

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To Structure Or Not To Structure? That Is The Question...

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