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You are TWICE as likely to achieve your triathlon goals with a training plan.
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To lift your LT, you first need to find out where it is—easily done, thanks to the development of wireless heart-rate monitors—and run an interval now and then close to that number. You can estimate your LT using a simple calculation that approximates your maximum heart rate see " The Prime Rate ," last page , the highest number of times your chest ham can go flippity-flip in one minute. Your MHR isn't a direct indication of how fit you are, and it will vary from sport to sport. But this number is invaluable because the body marshals its different energy systems at various percentages of maximum heart rate with remarkable consistency.

At 70 percent of MHR, it uses oxygen to burn fat; at 85 percent it begins breaking down muscles for fuel; and at 90 percent it burns carbs exclusively. Not many athletes can surpass 90 percent of MHR without hitting the lactate wall, when muscle contraction—and therefore you—grind to a halt. Depending on your fitness level, your own LT lives somewhere between the 75 and 90 percent mark.

These sessions will repeatedly push your LT by way of intensity drills—what you've probably come to know as intervals. At the end of each month, you'll gauge your progress with an easy time trial. As you find yourself running a mile faster at the same heat rate, you'll know you have a bigger engine and a higher tolerance for lactic acid. You now have more than a running routine; you have endurance. Do it right, do it now.

Surfer and Outside adviser Laird Hamilton shows you how to shape your life. Photo: Kurt Markus. Strength training—or, as it's now commonly called, resistance training—is on a tear. More research papers were published on the science of resistance training in the decade after than in all the years prior. Ever since the mushrooming interest in aerobic conditioning in the s, studies have shown that, among other things, the upper bodies of elite runners who did not lift weights atrophied at the same pace as those of nonathletes, that weight lifting helped burn fat by raising resting metabolic rate, and that it offset the effects of aging by stimulating the production of human growth hormone.

Studies on "core strength" make up the latest chapter in the story. These are the hips, back, gluteus maximus, and lower abdominal muscles.

Wildflower Triathlon Results

While strength is the theme during month two of The Shape of Your Life, the plan incorporates basic muscle-building drills from the first month: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges, bent-over lifts, and others. We've tried to streamline your workload in a few of them. Twisting the sit-up at the top adds a rotational component to the exercise.

Doing a wide-grip pull-up transfers the work from your biceps they look nice, but big bi's are only bit players in most sports to your back. I used to train guys entirely with things we found in the woods. Ultimately, the variety of resistance training that you'll encounter here will do more than make you balanced and powerful. It will introduce strength work as a part of holistic conditioning, encouraging you to approach the weight stack not as a way to get buff—which is both impractical and unsustainable—but as a way to make strength a permanent, functional part of your life.

Excercise plans tend to be conspicuously lopsided. When I cavalierly leapt into my fit-a-thon a few years ago, I saw only one thing: me, ripped, on a board, cutting frontside arcs on a four-foot North Atlantic swell. Rest was for sissies. Don't even get me started on yoga.

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I'm different now. My Shape of Your Life odyssey revealed nothing if not the understanding that lasting fitness and a resilient, balanced musculature depend on more than weights, running, and a sensible diet. Of equal if not greater import are mindfulness and flexibility.

We delve fully into flexibility by way of yoga during the third month. Why yoga? Not only has it gone mainstream—15 million Americans, including the Denver Broncos and the New York Giants, now practice yoga, up from six million eight years ago—but an expanding body of research touts the importance of the mind-body connection.

But that set point may be unrealized by some. Laskowski recently led a study that found the range of motion among those who suffered from chronically tight muscles changed significantly under anesthesia.

This is where we come in. In the first month, The Shape of Your Life introduces traditional, one-minute postworkout static stretches to aid your recovery. During month three, we'll add dynamic power-yoga movements to help increase your core strength and flexibility, and—perhaps the most enduring asset of yoga—fine-tune your ability to monitor and adjust mental and muscular tension.

The final two months of the program are devoted to speed and power, balance and agility. We'll max out the intensity during the fourth month, then turn you on to some multipurpose dexterity training during the concluding four weeks. And there you have it: endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and power, balance and agility—the building blocks for The Shape of Your Life.

Mix in a few cups of nutrition, sprinkle on some motivational tips, add a dash of how-to, and serve on a bed of fun and adventure. Had I known all this three years ago, who knows what I might have checked off my wish list by now. A surfing safari in Indonesia? Climbing Mount Rainier? Mountain biking across Chile? We can all dream. Hell, I might even have my original wedding ring. Which leads me to my final admonition: Look forward, not back. Put our plan in motion and see it through to the end. When you've reached that end, head out on the grandest adventure you can dream up. I can assure you of one thing: You'll be ready for it.

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Click to enlarge. Photo: Outside. This weekday plan use your weekends for hiking, biking, running, climbing, paddling, whatever utilizes heart-rate training zones to raise your VO2 max and lactate threshold see above. You need to round up a heart-rate monitor, but for the first two weeks, to get familiar with how your HRM works, just wear the unit and mentally note your digits during the aerobic sessions. At the end of week two, you'll determine your personal lactate threshold with a simple test. The interval sessions in weeks three and four are engineered to raise your LT.

We also introduce you to basic strength and flexibility training see sidebar. Your weekly schedule includes optional time allocation for strength exercises and a designated off day Monday. We recommend using a GPS device for pace or heart rate monitor in conjunction with perceived effort, but neither is required.

How to Choose an Ironman Training Program That Gets You to the Finish Line in One Piece

Please note: This plan starts any time so pick your start day 24 weeks before your target race day. This plan version assumes your target half marathon race is either on a Saturday or Sunday. Most importantly, purchase of this program includes complimentary email access to our team at any time for questions that you may have about this plan.

Please visit us on the web at enduranceworks. Perform these before all track sessions and any or all workout sessions. Krista specializes in coaching and consulting women beginner to intermediate level triathletes.

Consulting services include nutrition, weight loss and training programs. Visit her at shedoestri.