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On the other hand the world is constantly changing and because of advances in communication, easier modes of travel, etc. Some people and societies who are more open-minded absorb the changes, adapt well to them and are able to live comfortably and profitably in the new environment. But the greater the mental conditioning, greater the isolation and insulation which prevents people from getting exposed to, familiarizing themselves with, adapting to and benefiting from alternate schools of thought, cultures, religions, systems, etc. That is why in every religion, group, ideology, etc.

The urge for freedom, growth and realization of full potential is very strong not only in individuals but in whole societies. But at the same time there is the pull of mental conditioning, mind-sets, inertia, a desire to be securely anchored to the past. So because of the pull of these two factors, different individuals, groups, sects, religions, countries, societies move, adapt, change and progress to different degrees.

In such a scenario, the alternatives various societies have before them are to make an effort to move forward, change, adapt and be in sync with the world, or try forcefully to be where they are, be in conflict with and try to pull the rest of the world back, all to their own great disadvantage and peril. This political control and power is sought through various means such as attempts to invade other countries, increase the number of people who follow their religion through propaganda, forced conversions, etc.

But trying to achieve political and economic ends through religion, mixing religion with political and economic ambitions makes for a toxic cocktail. Here either religious wars are fought to gain political and economic power to propagate a religion or wars are fought to acquire political and economic power using religion as an excuse. All three religions have sought to do this at various times in history. I would like to highlight some aspects of Hinduism which are a contrast to the Judaic religions from which followers of these religions may draw cues which they may find relevant to the present discussions.

Hinduism has been very scientific in its entire approach to seeking the truth about the universe, its origin, nature, etc.. Enlightened Hindu seers encourage people to explore the truth for themselves, not to accept anything without questioning or unless it is as per their own direct experience. The late Jiddu Krishnamurti, a modern Hindu seer, says 'Question everybody. Question Buddha, question Shankara, question Einstein'.

To understand the concept of God in Hinduism we may draw a distinction between religion and spirituality. In religion one looks to an external God. In spirituality one seeks the God within. It is relative to our minds and sense organs. This absolute truth which one can find within us, is universal and is present in every grain of sand, in every atom, everywhere. Hinduism accepts that God exists everywhere in both animate and inanimate forms, that God can be seen in and worshipped in any form, and that there are different approaches and paths that can be followed to realize God.

It believes that every individual is unique; each individual has different capabilities, different personalities and is at different stages of growth; and therefore it allows people to proceed at their own pace, by any method, by any path and in any direction that suits them in their spiritual journeys. It has also evolved methods, approaches and techniques to suit the personalities of different individuals.

Hinduism is very democratic. It allows a whole range of attitudes, beliefs, practices, etc. Thus it acknowledges the right of an individual to believe in and worship God in any form; the right of an atheist not to believe in God at all; or the right of a person not to follow any prescribed mode of worship or even not to worship at all; the right of a person to merely turn the mind inwards, meditate and discover God for oneself; or it allows one not to bother about the subject of religion or spirituality at all.

It is also gives people the right and even encouragement to question and debate with authorities whatever be their rank and stature including the greatest sages ; it has evolved a number of techniques of meditation to suit people of different temperaments, to enable people to move from religion with its rites, rituals, beliefs, symbols, idols, images, etc.

Since Hinduism accepts that there are different approaches and paths to realizing God, it accepts any approach, ideology or religion as a valid route to spiritual growth. As a result, Hinduism accepts the right of others to follow their religions, has not sought to proselytize through propaganda or forced conversions, and has not used religion as a tool to gaining political power. Hinduism however has tried to share its wisdom, insights, specific concepts and methods with people of other religions, countries, etc.

On the other hand Muslims who invaded India converted Hindus to Islam in large numbers through coercion and violence, and Christian missionaries too converted large numbers from Hinduism to Christianity largely through propaganda, offering inducements, deception, etc.

Kabbalah of Stone - eqibexyqicis.tk

But in both cases conversions of Hindus to Islam or Christianity were undertaken by Muslims and Christians to increase their numbers. Since the conversions undertaken by Muslims and Christians of Hindus to Islam and Christianity in order to increase their numbers has changed the demographic pattern of India, and this has caused other problems for India, in the past few years there have been attempts by some Hindu groups to re-convert Muslims and Christians back to Hinduism who had earlier been converted from Hinduism to Islam or Christianity.

The animosities towards Muslims and Christians regarding religious conversion of Hindus to Islam and Christianity continue to this day with efforts continuing to be made to stop such conversions and to reconvert people back to Hinduism. These efforts at re-conversions are a reaction and retaliation to conversions undertaken by Muslims and Christians and are not a part of Hindu philosophy. Hinduism also does not preach violence.

But over the years Muslim invaders committed numerous atrocities against Hindus, killing them, enslaving them, forcefully converting them to Islam, etc. The British likewise invaded India and committed similar atrocities such as killing, enslaving though to a much smaller degree than Muslims and conversions largely through propaganda, offering inducements, deception, etc.. In self-defense and retaliation Hindus too over the years have resorted to violence such as rioting, communal violence, etc.

But because violence is not in the religious ethos of Hinduism Hindus are much more sinned against than sinning. But there is now a move back in Hinduism to its earlier spiritual philosophy with its emphasis on a scientific temperament, revival of interest in meditation to turn the mind inwards, attempts to bring about greater equality between various sections of society, etc..

It had been mentioned above that Hinduism tries to share its spiritual insights, concepts, methods, etc, with people of other religions without requiring them to convert to Hinduism, and that these concepts, methods can be applied by other religions groups within the framework of their own religions. As a result, you now find that in various parts of the world, various religious groups such as Christians, Jews, etc.

Many Muslim countries too have accepted and are practicing techniques such as yoga and meditation. Among Islamic sects Sufism has used religious beliefs and practices as a stepping stone to reach to higher realms of spirituality. Plz try to think this one through This chapter is called "At-tariq" or the knocker in english It translated in english as the following.

At-Tariq O, by the heavens and the knocker And what makes you know what is the knocker The piercing star. Here god is swearing by the knocker star and stating to the world years ago through mohamed that he is the all mighty creator by giving them a scientific fact that they won't even understand at that time by saying in his own words And what makes you know what is the knocker The piercing star. This scientific fact is for generations to come to be proved by non muslims to the muslims that there is a star out there piercing the silence of universe and knocking on our doors!

Plz watch this video and just give it a little itch in ur brains Has the black stone been examined scientifically? Im curious as to whats inside of it and the chemical composition of it If it has any signifigant importantance than it should be used for something more than just a corner stone Maybe the electro magnetic field around it should be tested. Kaaba is the place where every year thousands of Muslims come to pray. This is the only house of Allah on earth this is the most blessed place on the earth. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.

Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. Skip to main content. The Hajj Pilgrimage Ritual Millions of Muslims travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year and in a single day, Mecca is capable of attracting over two million Muslim followers for the annual hajj pilgrimage, considered one of the five pillars of Islam.

References Tate, Amethyst. Login or Register in order to comment. Mohana Sakr wrote on 15 September, - Permalink. But before doing so, I would like to highlight the following: Muslims can be classified into 4 categories: Liberal, open-minded, modern Muslims; Moderate Muslims, Extremists and Ultra-extremists. Islam Islam began in the 7th Century AD.

VIOLENCE IN THE THREE RELIGIONS: All three religions, Judaism, Christianity have practised violence in the form of killing of non-believers and perceived enemies of a religion; religious wars; genocides, massacres, mass murders; expulsions; slavery; statutes which humiliate and stigmatize groups; forced conversions; systemic violence against women; capital and other physical punishments; world-wide colonialism; systemic violence such as poverty, racism and sexism; terrorism which has included acts like kidnapping, assassination, mass murder, suicide bombing, airline hijacking, etc..

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Ahmed wrote on 17 May, - Permalink. Michael raike wrote on 15 May, - Permalink. SaleemMirza wrote on 5 May, - Permalink. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. The Romans, along with their successors the Byzantines , occupied the Levant for almost years and left many preserved remains. One of the most remarkably preserved Roman sites in all the Middle A quick look up of Aleppo on any search-engine will bring up hundreds of articles about the conflict in Syria and sadly the name has become a byword for the horrors of war.

The country though, has a Hidden beneath the sands of Rahat, The destruction of the great library of Alexandria has been lamented as one of the biggest losses of the ancient world. Islam has a long and impressive history in Africa. The nation of Senegal , for example, has been decisively influenced by Islam and it is the location of one of the greatest mosques in the entire The Songhai Empire dominated West Africa between the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Richard Foster. Discovering What the Future Holds. Kay Arthur. Arms Open Wide. Sherri Gragg. Mary The Mother of Jesus Ana Mendez Ferrell. The Virgin Mary Mother of God. Maria Athanasiou. Bernard Levine. The Fire of His Holiness. Sergio Scataglini. Stations of the Cross. Timothy Radcliffe OP. G P Taylor. Spiritual Warfare Prophetess Leticia Reyes. Robert Alan King. The Tales of Two Thieves. The British Natural History Museum suggests that it may be a pseudometeorite, in other words a terrestrial rock mistakenly attributed to a meteoritic origin.

The Black Stone has never been analysed with modern scientific techniques and its origins remain the subject of speculation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Muslim object of reverence. For other uses, see Black Stone disambiguation. Dar-us-Salam Publications. Cosmic Debris: Meteorites in History. University of California Press. Your Door to Arabia. Lower Hutt, N.

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Tarot and Kabbalah, a book by Samael Aun Weor

Islam: A Worldwide Encyclopedia [4 volumes]. Classical Islam: A History A. Aldine Publishing Company. Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths. Central European University Press.

170. Thou Shalt Not Have in Thy Pocket a Large Stone

UK Islamic Academy. Mecca: a literary history of the Muslim Holy Land. Princeton University Press. Overview of World Religions. Martin's College. Archived from the original on 28 April Retrieved 4 May Retrieved 11 May Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes? The Persians, says Burckhardt , were suspected of this sacrilege, and now their ill-fame has spread far; at Alexandria they were described to me as a people who defile the Kaaba.

The people of Meccah, however, like the Madani, have turned the circumstance to their own advantage, and make an occasional "avanie". Thus, nine or ten years ago, on the testimony of a boy who swore that he saw the inside of the Kaaba defiled by a Persian, they rose up, cruelly beat the schismatics, and carried them off to their peculiar quarter the Shamiyah, forbidding their ingress to the Kaaba. The defilement of the Black Stone was probably the work of some Jew or Greek, who risked his life to gratify a furious bigotry.

The "Greek" here is to be understood as a Christian, and not a Greek person by nationality per se. Retrieved 12 August Dawn in Madinah: A Pilgrim's Progress. The Other Press. Saudi Arabia. Lonely Planet Publications. Quoted in translation by Francis E.